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A wonderful DIY project for two weekends plus evenings in the week between...
Or complete, ready-to-play, modern Tube Spring Reverb Units! (Bottom of this page)

Elegant illustrated graphics and photos are divided into into one-hour sessions. You'll add components to the numbered terminal board, wire the tube sockets with cut-to-length, color-coordinated wires, and install control panel parts. Check-off each step in the plans as you go.
Regular electronic tools like a Soldering Iron, Wire Strippers, Multimeter, Needle-Nose pliers and X-Acto Knife are required, but we include a few specialty tools designed specifically for our kit.

DIY Plans Screenshots Pre-Cut, color-coded wires make it easy!

Thorough electrical testing is performed as a checklist, with your multimeter and our proprietary low-voltage adapter which prevents burning components and blowing fuses if something isn't wired correctly the first time.
Direct, person-to-person technical support and troubleshooting help is available by email.

Low Voltage Verification Checklist Example

If you are a real go-getter, Save $200 and Build the Cabinet:

Assemble the pre-cut wood pieces, sand the edges, glue-up the corners, then apply the Tolex and Grill Cloth. You'll build self-confidence and learn true craftsman techniques by following our step-by-step DIY Video instructions. A few low-cost hand tools are required, but You can do this!!

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Is a DIY Tube Reverb Kit right for you?

Browse our Illustrated PDF Manual and Videos and decide for yourself:

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Lead time on kits is normally 1-2 weeks, depending on which kit or complete unit you choose. Tolex and Grillcloth is available in hundreds of combinations.


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NOTE: We do not ship electricity, but applying electricity to your kit can be dangerous. A signed liability waiver is required to receive the kit.

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