Privacy Policy

This is the most genuine privacy policy you have ever read:

Basically, I am a friendly, single-owner, micro-business based in San Diego, CA and my company is internet-based. Because the internet is a typed, electronic medium for correspondence, there are necessary electronic "footprints" from my customers and potential buyers who ask questions about the products. It is a necessary part of my business. I keep this information so I can ship your kits to the correct address, email you the downlinks for the plans and videos, and so I can answer your questions and help you build your kits.

I collect information submitted to me through the "Contact" page, and / or sales through PayPal or other correspondence such as eBay, Yahoo Mail, or in-person sales. The information I collect is used to ship, track, and insure deliveries, and keep track of who contacts me. I keep records of each transaction for taxes and business purposes too. Mostly, I correspond with our customers to help them and make sure their build is successful. On rare occasions you may receive an email from me letting you know about updates about my products, special offers or even friendly DIY advice. There will be clear "unsubscribe" instructions at the bottom of any marketing email you get from me. I am not a jerk.

I am a very small business, and I would not be here without my customers, so I will NEVER sell your information to anyone, unless the entire business including the intellectual property, is bought-out by a larger company. (Which will almost certainly never happen because big companies don't want to work this hard!) If it does happen, I will do my best to notify everyone ahead-of-time, and stipulate that everyone be offered the chance to opt-out of any marketing a parent-company may choose to send. It's a weird concept, but that's what these privacy policies are all about.

Finally, I love your photos and sound samples. If you send me photos, samples or emails about the mic or preamp you build, I may ask if I can quote you for my website, or use your picture or sound sample as an example. I will ALWAYS ask your permission before doing so, and credit your effort as applicable.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or don't want your contact information collected, please contact me... But I'll have to collect your email address to write you back with confirmation, so that's kind-of a weird "Catch-22", isn't it?

- Rick, February 2015.